Chromebook Keyboard and Language Settings

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Want to change the display language of your Chromebook or add a keyboard layout for typing in another language? The Chromebooks operating system (Chrome OS) is a fully multi-language operating system, so changing the system language or adding keyboard layouts for other languages is really simple. Follow these instructions to add a keyboard language layout for typing in another language (Russian, Spanish or any other language).

How to Add Languages and Keyboard Layouts

How to Add Languages and Keyboard Layouts

  1. Click on the status area in the lower right-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click the Settings button (looks like a gear).
  3. Scroll down to the Device section and click Keyboard.
  4. Click “Change language and input settings.”
  5. Click Language to expand the language section.
  6. Click the “Add languages” link.
  7. Search for and click the checkbox next to the language you would like to add and click Add button.
  8. To manage the input methods for each language (select keyboard layouts, etc.), click “Manage input methods” under the “Input method” section.

Once you have added your new keyboard layout, you will see a new keyboard indicator in the settings area. This shows you which language you are currently typing in. To switch the keyboard layout to a different language, use the ctrl + space key combination. Now you can easily toggle between the two (or more) languages when typing.

If you would like display the whole operating system in this language, click the checkbox “Display Chrome OS in this language” in the menu next to the language name.