Can I Install Steam on my Chromebook?

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Steam on Chromebook

Short Answer:

No. Steam is currently available on Linux, Mac and Windows, but not on the Chromebook’s Chrome OS.

Long Answer:

While it would be technically possible for Valve to work with Google to create a version of Steam for Chromebooks, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Steam does run on other versions of Linux like Steam OS and Ubuntu. Chrome OS is a Linux based system, but considering the focus of Steam on gaming, and the inexpensive (low power) nature of Chromebooks, Steam on Chromebooks would not make a lot of sense.

However, if you are technically literate (and enjoy tinkering with computers) you can install Ubuntu using crouton on Intel based Chromebooks. Many have reported success with this approach to installing Steam.


It’s now possible to run some Steam games using the CrossOver Android Preview on some Intel Chromebooks like the Acer Chromebook R11. Here’s a video demonstation of running the game Limbo on Steam on a Chromebook!

Steam on Chromebooks - CrossOver Android Technology Preview

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