No Native Flash Player For Intel Macs

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According to reports from around the web, the Flash Player does not run well inside Safari or Firefox on the new Intel Macs (using Rosetta). Adobe has known about the switch to Intel for more than half a year, isn’t that enough time to make the Flash Player work on the new processors? Where is the Univeral version of Flash Player?

I’m sure the answer is something similar to the reason that Flash Player 8 is not shipping for Linux. I’d guess that they’re waiting to ship version 8.5 before it will work on Intel Macs and Linux. Seems reasonable … but then again, all the new iMac users out there will be without Flash Player (or at best, they’ll have a poorly performing player).

This is just the latest thing that has bothered me since Adobe purchased Macromedia. It seems that the company I loved, the company that was so good at communicating with their developers, has been swallowed up by the corporate mindset that Adobe has displayed so consistently in the past.

Adobe, do you want to put your developers at easy and let us know that our worst fears have not come true? The corporate looking (and sounding) emails that you’ve been sending me haven’t really done the trick. Let the real people inside your company talk to us again. Get them blogging more, revive the Developer Relations Podcast (we all loved it and have been asking for it to return). Take some of those good relations from Macromedia and transfer them over to Adobe, besides the Flash Platform, it was the highest valued thing you got along with Macromedia.