Nokia N800 Price Drops While Gaining New Features

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Nokia N800
When Nokia first shipped the N800, a popular linux based internet tablet, it cost $399. It also shipped with an incomplete set of applications and with limited 3rd party software availability. Today, there is more software available than ever for the N800 and the price has dropped to $257.99!

Less than a year after its initial introduction, not only has the street price reduced dramatically but much more software is available for the N800. First, Nokia surprised us by adding an FM tuner application, a feature that was not even mentioned in the initial technical specifications. Then in July, they introduced a software update that added the much anticipated Skype application for making internet based phone calls.

Besides the official Nokia software, 3rd party developers are busy porting great software to the N800. Some of the more notable applications include a great port of the popular Pidgin instant messenger, a mozilla based browser, the Canola media player, and GnomeSword Bible study software. You can even run a full Apache web server on your N800 … if you really want to.

With new features being added all the time and with a new low price, the Nokia N800 is more attractive than ever.